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PermaSnap Premier and PermaSnap Premier Plus Coping

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PermaSnap Premier and PermaSnap Premier Plus Coping are the perfect complement to your building’s natural aesthetics for parapet conditions. Both are available in a range of options to fit your project’s specifications, including standard and custom colors, as well as anodized finishes. Plus, they can be custom fabricated to meet any specific requirements. These products are the perfect complement to any building: the right design, the right quality, the right price–and easy to install.

Painless Installation

  • Simple, snap-on design requires no crimping for overall productivity savings

  • Provided in 12'-0" lengths for ease of installation

  • Prefabricated miters and accessories to prevent need for field fabrication, reducing labor cost

  • Pre-punched slotted fastening holes to ensure proper attachment, thermal movement, and a quicker process

  • Corrosian resistant, stainless steel springs attached to anchor clips provide long-term, positive spring loading, increasing product lifespan


Superior Materials

Both coping products are ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 tested to comply with International Building Code and carry a manufacturer wind warranty. PermaSnap Premier and PermaSnap Premier Plus come in a variety of materials and customized sizes to suit your needs.



PermaSnap Premier

PermaSnap Premier Plus


Tapered, Flat, Existing Slope

Tapered, Flat, Existing Slope

Cover Materials

24 ga. or 22 ga. Steel
and .040”, .050”, .063” Aluminum

24 ga. or 22 ga. Steel
and .040”, .050”, .063” Aluminum

Anchor Clip Material

20 ga. Steel

16 ga. Steel

Wind Warranty

20 Year, 120 MPH

Lifetime, 215 MPH


Express, Standard, & Premium Options

Express, standard, and premium colors and finishes are available to meet your job requirements and includes a 30-year Kynar 500® finish warranty on coil-coated standard colors. Check out our Color Chart for all of our offerings. Custom colors are also available.

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