Wind Resistant XL Gutter

Size Matters: Only Gutter GT-1 Tested Up To 14"

Engineered for contractors & specifiers, the Wind Resistant XL Gutter is the market's largest ANSI/SPRI GT-1 tested system. With a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, this innovative labor-saving solution is available from 8-14".

Reduces Time on the Edge

Accelerates installation by 30-60%, significantly shortening time spent along the roof edge.

Option to Pre-Assemble

Allows for safe & quick assembly in the shop or on the roof prior to positioning the gutter.

No External Brackets & Wind Straps

Five internal Z-Brackets instead of external brackets & wind straps, improving efficiencies & curb appeal.

Minimal Downspouts

Expanded capacity reduces downspouts needed, requiring less install labor & enhancing aesthetics.

Rauch Alignment Bar

Unique Alignment Bar eliminates chalking or pre-measuring & ensures optimal placement across the building.

Skip Post-Painting for Quicker Lead Times

Faster turnarounds when post-painting & color matching are unnecessary with no external brackets to cover.

Completing the Wind Resistant Gutter family, the XL Gutter expedites your timeline while providing unmatched drainage & maximum performance. Quote the Wind Resistant XL Gutter for your project!


Expedited Installation

Easily put the Wind Resistant XL Gutter together in the shop or on the roof & reduce time on the edge.

  • Fast, simple assembly takes a five-man crew down to two, saving labor & improving safety.

  • Pre-punched holes quicken installation & ensure correct fastener placement & ideal spacing.

  • ​Alignment Bar eliminates the need for chalking and pre-measuring & gurantees uniform placement across the entire building. 



Wind Resistant Gutter Family

The Wind Resistant XL Gutter & the Wind Resistant Gutter offer tested, warrantied solutions from 5.25-14".

  • Both come equipped with a 30-Year, 160 MPH Wind Warranty, contrasting competitors' offerings.

  • Both meet rigorous internal & industry standards, including ANSI/SPRI GT-1 building code.

  • Both deliver labor & time-saving benefits with exceptional capacity & quality at any size.



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