Features and Benefits


Lifetime, 215 MPH Wind Warranty

  • - ANSI/SPRI/FM-4435 ES-1 Tested to comply with International Building Code
  • - FM Approved for wind uplift protection
  • - Miami-Dade County Approved to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code
  • - Provided in 12'-0" lengths with pre-punched holes for quicker installation and lower labor costs
  • - Slotted fastening holes allow for thermal movement of the materials and ensure correct fastener placement and spacing
  • - All anchor bar EPDM splice plates and fasteners are included (sealant by others)
  • - Anchor bar can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled at any time without compromising its strength and appearance
Technical Data
  • Cover Materials: 24 ga. and 22 ga. galvanized steel and .040" aluminum
  • Standard sizes: 4", 5.5", 7", and 8.5" for one to four nailer coverage
Face Height (in) Nailers Covered
4 1
5.5 2
7 3
8.5 4

Wind Calculator

Please note that these calculations are based on U.S. measurements and roofing practices, and may not be sufficient or applicable for use outside of North America.